ataraxic blue was an installation that took place at M2 in the Anderson gallery at VCU from 6 march to 13 march. 5 channel installation with 5 minute loop. 


The sound is an experiment in motion as an indicator of taking up space. The sound was created from data sonification of motion capture data. The motion is of expanding extremities and moving back in on oneself to stay afloat in a body of water. However, in a body of water the sense of gravity is altered so the sense of falling decreases. Even within a fluid space, the body motion is inconsistent; thus, the sound breathes with non-normative breaks that separates it from the harmony of music. “Queerness offers the promise of failure as a way of life, but it is up to us whether we choose to make good on that promise in a way that makes a detour around the usual markers of accomplishment and satisfaction” (The Queer Art of Failure p.185)



pure data motion patch

motion capture that sound is derived from